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This is a discussion on Projector Upgrade within the RAM 1500 Diesel Lighting forums, part of the RAM 1500 Diesel Garage - RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanics Corner category; I've got the projectors in my 2014 Laramie and I was thinking of replacing the bulbs with Cyclops LEDs. Those are really good if you ...

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Thread: Projector Upgrade

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    I've got the projectors in my 2014 Laramie and I was thinking of replacing the bulbs with Cyclops LEDs. Those are really good if you can fit them in with the added fans that they have on the back. You can put them in crap bejing headlights if you want because they don't get hot. HIDs suck. They always die in my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM Fan View Post
    First of all, for the record, I know absolutely nothing about headlamp terminology and reading threads on it make my head swim. What I do know is that every Ram I've ever owned (6 of them in 23 years) all had terrible lights. As I got older, I started to have to wear glasses when driving at night and even with them, I'm amazed at how little or far ahead I can see. Throw in a really dark night in the rain and I'm lucky to be able to navigate by the white line next to me.

    That being the case, I have a 2016 Ram 2500HD CC, 6.4L Hemi Tradesman. Everything on the truck is bare minimum. Add to the fact that I can't afford really good lamp assemblies but was hoping that someone with some specific knowledge could recommend a simple bulb replacement for a maximum of $100 that wouldn't require any modifications ?

    Much appreciated
    For the 2016's you can get a phillips 9011 for high and low beams. You'll have to trim a tab but these are brighter than any "bright bulb" you'll find because the 9011 is rated at 2350 nominal lumens vs. 1700 for the 9005. Silverstar bulbs (zXe) and other bulbs with blue filaments actually reduce your light output. Blue doesn't mean bright but it is an optical illusion and is perceived that way.

    Sorry to disagree with you Crash68 but there is no way adding a blue tint to a bulb can increase brightness. It's like putting on sunglasses in the dark and expecting to see better. They get around this by under sizing the filament and over driving it a little but the result is really poor bulb life. Considering how hard it is to change bulbs in our trucks this is not a good thing :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Crash68 View Post
    Please do post a lighting FAQ, I would imagine people are venturing to other forums for this information.... Post it and they will come, with questions of course.

    While we're on the subject of projector upgrades, what are your thoughts about the fog light projector retrofit? Most likely the ones from The Retroshop.
    I'll definitely write one up when I have time. It will include some myths on tinted bulbs as I commented on above.

    If you want HID fogs, definitely a projector is the way to go. Otherwise the glare will actually hurt you in the fog. IMHO, your truck has enough foreground lighting, especially with an HID projector that it isn't really beneficial. More light up close (foreground) actually hurts distance vision. In the fog however, a proper hid projector fog light would be beneficial because the light would come from well below the line of vision. Ideally you'd actually turn off the headlights while you're using them to reduce that bounce back effect.

    For example my truck has Mini d2s 3.0 projectors, and I have so much foreground light from them that I can't even tell when the halogen fogs are on. I also see very wide and far so I don't see a useful purpose for them in my truck.

    The primary purpose of a foglight in a modern day vehicle is to help you be seen, and arguably their secondary function is to illuminate the edge of the road/the lane to help you stay on the road during really thick fog.

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    If your going HID, I would go with the Morimoto projectors, then you will get almost all of the light put where it needs to be, instead of broadcasting the light where it isn't useful for the driver and you wont be blinding oncoming traffic. The younger crowd seems to stick HID bulbs in non HID projectors to be cool letting everyone know they have them. Ever see an oncoming car lights so bright you swear they have their brights on? Its no different than raising your oem lights out of adjustment to shine in others eyes.
    2015 CC 4X4 Tradesman

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    There's not enough headlamp adjustment to blind anyone with the RAM projectors IMO. I have HIDs in mine and they just don't throw far enough or high enough. Even with fogs, vision always feels limited at night.

    I want to do the retrofit, but need a spare set of headlamp assemblies first.

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