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Delay in Ecodiesel settlement / Contact with lawyers.

This is a discussion on Delay in Ecodiesel settlement / Contact with lawyers. within the FCA/EPA 3.0L Diesel Settlement and AEM (Approved Emissions Modification) forums, part of the FCA/EPA 3.0L Diesel Settlement and AEM category; Mailed ALL my completed, notarized paperwork on June 3 via certified mail. Tracking indicates its at the post office awaiting a signature. Called an customer ...

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Thread: Delay in Ecodiesel settlement / Contact with lawyers.

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    Mailed ALL my completed, notarized paperwork on June 3 via certified mail. Tracking indicates its at the post office awaiting a signature. Called an customer service said they only check the mail box once a week.......Oh well.
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    It’s interesting that there has been such diverse results reported by owners post AEM update. I question if these vehicles are actually responding differently or is it simply a difference of individual’s perception.

    In my short lived personal analysis, I found acceleration from a rolling stop to be painful when cold and still very objectionable at operating temps. Throttle response degradation was noticeably poor in various situations. I didn’t drive it enough to come to a resolution concerning fuel consumption but I would expect it to probably be less efficient at least under some driving conditions.

    Now, I’ve seen several reports that owners have noticed no difference in performance after the AEM update. This leads me to query once again, are your vehicles responding differently to the software update or is it a difference in perception to what’s really happening? It would be very interesting to see some before and after dyno comparisons. Probably a multitude were done during litigation but doubt that will ever be made public.

    My experience with the new performance of my vehicle was totally unacceptable for everyday use. Very objectionable.

    Now, regarding the OP’s thoughts of additional law suits, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see additional class actions regarding the drivability issues. Under normal circumstances, there’s no doubt in my mind mama FCA would be doing some follow up software updates to further refine this situation. Unfortunately, the results we’re living with is under the auspices of multiple federal entities and duly approved by the court. Further unilateral amendments on the part of FCA would be impossible without additional litigation.

    I think there will be some interesting developments on the horizon but, alas, I no longer have a dog in this hunt as of 6/4.

    Good luck fellows
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    I still love my truck but incrementally less each time it throws a CEL!!

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    Hi everybody, I sent my docs package snail mail back in April. I haven't heard a word from anybody yet. Should I go online and register again? Or is there a way that I can check the status on my claim online. I don't have a member number that I know of.

    Thanks for any help you guys can throw my way, Mike

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    You should have gotten an email from Ram Customer Care if you didn't check your spam folder that is where mine was. Or you can call the hotline number @ 833-280-4748 you will need the last eight of your vin FS123456 before calling. They can check on your claim and give you your claim number so you can track your claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boocoodinkydow View Post
    It’s interesting that there has been such diverse results reported by owners post AEM update. I question if these vehicles are actually responding differently or is it simply a difference of individual’s perception.
    Reading the after AEM responses I wonder exactly the same thing, is this an actual mechanical post AEM difference or a driver difference in perception.

    Personal experience....My Eco-D (3:92 ratio) was very responsive to throttle input. Pre AEM it would chirp the tires from a dead stop on pavement if you put your foot in it a little to much. My driveway is 1/4 mile long gravel, I have tested this extensively, now after AEM from a dead stop it will NOT spin the wheels on gravel.

    This is not perception, this is actual personnel observation by a very experience driver.

    After AEM it really does not make a difference from dead stop if I depress the pedal 1/4 way down or floorboard it, the rate of acceleration is unchanged (slow) until the tach RPM gets up over 2,000-2,100 RPM. Once it get over 2,000-2,100 RPM throttle response is like it was pre AEM. We drive a lot, we have 4 vehicles, a Subaru Outback, a 2016 JKU, a Ram 2500 diesel and our 1500 Eco-D so lots to compare. I can guarantee that right now all three of the others now would win a 0-30 race. So yes AEM did kill low end power, or throttle input response on MY truck especially when cold, so I do believe other reporting somewhat the same throttle lag experience.

    As to the question of owner perception....I think it is definitely a factor. I can guarantee that if my wife was asked if the truck drove differently or if she noticed anything changed after the AEM update she would say "no changes that she notices". One reason for that is she drives like she is on a never ending economy run. Drivers behind her on their way to work must pull their hair out when the light turns green and she takes off like a turtle. The other reason is she is just not tuned into things mechanical, so if she get in turns the key and it starts and moves to her all is normal.

    BUT after having said that I'm sure that people that occasionally blasted away from lights before AEM have tried it after AEM and if they say no difference. I believe them and think we need to find out what is causing differing "mechanical" results.
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    I filed mine either 5/8 or 5/9. Got my reply email last week saying i'm approved. Have to get notarized and get the AEM and I'll get my $3k. I'd expect the OP is really soon on the list if they haven't heard back yet.

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    I applied online 5/10 and received a response 5/11 saying application was under review.
    Just checked and it still says that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbdavey View Post
    Here's my time line. 5/3 I submit my claim on line; 5/9 FCA notifies me that I'm approved and to send in the signed agreement and notarized release; 5/14 I snail mailed the agreement and release; 5/23 Dealer does the recall; 5/30 FCA finally gets my agreement and release; 6/8 FCA claim tracking site indicates they have been notified by the dealer that the update has been completed AND that my check is in the mail! We'll see how long it takes for the mail to get here.
    CORRECTION: The check is NOT in the mail, the little hour glass is staring back at me. I'll let you know when it changes to actually sent!
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    installed W/W side steps. Weathertech mud flaps and window visors; Timber Grove Enterprises air bags;
    Fuel cap from RSD.

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    Can not believe that those who have had the update do not see any problem. I do not drive like a teenager. I'm 73 yrs old and like to save fuel so I drive VERY conservative. That said, after I had the update applied, I have NO response for 3-5 secs. after starting out from a full stop; engine cold or hot. It acts like the engine is flooded out and just not getting any fuel or to much to handle. After that, it does at least try to get out of its own way.

    You guys who are saying you see no difference either had a bad ECM to start with or something is definitely different that what some of us are experiencing. This is just totally unacceptable. I would never have bought a truck that performs like this. I've had under-powered cars/trucks before, but that was what I bought and what I expected. THIS IS NOT!

    I will find a way to get FCA to get this back to what it was and I don't see why I should have to purchase a GDE tune for $2000 to get back to what I originally purchased.

    Go ahead and tell me its all "butt" feeling and I'd be glad to drive to wherever you are in the country and have you drive it. If yours drives better then there MUST be something going on with the tunes that we are not getting on all the trucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bounty Hunter View Post
    Do you really expect these lawyers to go back to the court and say FCA misled their customers on the 'no change in performance' promise because a few random people on an internet forum said the AEM failed their butt-dyno?
    Dunno. If there’s money to be made then maybe?

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