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They don't download your tune, only the calibration numbers.

This is found under claim requirements on page 2;

You must take a clear, legible photo of the installed Recall label on the vehicle and download two Vehicle Scan Reports, one that displays the PCM and TCM calibration levels before completing the Recall, and another that displays the PCM and TCM calibrations levels after completing the Recall. For Warranty reimbursement, attach the photo and the two Vehicle Scan Reports to the claim and submit via RA to the Warranty Contact Center.
The dealer that did the AEM update on my truck called a week or 2 afterward and said they had forgotten to take a picture of the sticker under the hood. They didn't say anything about a re-scan or re-doing scan reports - just said they had to send that picture in to FCA along with the rest of the required documentation. They said I had to bring the truck in vs. having me taking a picture and sending it to them, so I was a little suspicious and glad I had not put the GDE tuned ECM back in. They didn't take long when I brought it in, and they were very nice and seemed very appreciative that I had made the extra trip. Eventually the recall website showed I had completed the AEM, so it all seemed pretty legit to me. My claim is still stuck in "reviewing" status as it has been for a long time, so I don't expect a check any time soon.