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I have been seeing a lot of 2018's too both here and other forums. Most at relatively low mileage.
Yeah the 2017's I was thinking of were also at fairly low mileage. It seems the ones that fail so soon are factory defects that inevitably fail.

When I had my truck in for the AEM update my service rep asked if I had had any problems. I said "no, but I have heard of some people having bottom end failures." Another rep who was right near the two of us heard what I said and chimed in with "We've had two of them since I have been working here, and that really hasn't been that long". It was then I realized that dealing with a customer with a late model vehicle with a blown engine is not the norm for guys like them, especially a couple of failures within a relatively small window of time, and they seemed bothered by the experience and leery of it happening again.