Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed

Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed

This is a discussion on Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed within the RAM 1500 Diesel Builds forums, part of the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Forum category; Now that Engine #2 is all broken in and running well it's time for this years fun truck stuff. I looked around at all the ...

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Thread: Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed

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    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed

    Now that Engine #2 is all broken in and running well it's time for this years fun truck stuff.
    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed-toe-albums-lift-tires-picture80482-front-3-4-view-zone-4-front-3-back-lift-35-nitto-terra-grappl.jpg

    I looked around at all the lifts we can get for these trucks and it came down to the Mopar lift and the BDS lift. Both expensive but both look to be done right, over the rest of the lifts offered out there. It came to my attention that Zone lifts are BDS lifts, Fox Shocks owns them both, but where BDS comes with a factory bumper to bumper warranty, Zone does not, and for about $1000 Canuck bucks less then the BDS or the Mopar lifts are going for.

    I did some investigating and can confirm it's the same lift, you can look at a Zone 4" lift and the BDS 4" lift parts pictures and while the parts are laid out differently in their pics, they are all the same parts.
    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed-toe-albums-lift-tires-picture80486-zone-vs-bds-its-same-lift-kit.jpg

    Zones lift is a 4" lift up front and a 2" in the back. They have an option of doing a 3" in the back so I went with that as I haul just enough that I get too much squat in the back if it's level. I had a set of Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks in the front at 2.1" and were able to be reused in this kit, just set back to 0" lift above the 4" I am getting with the kit.

    I needed something more aggressive for tires then the SR-A's but I didn't want a lot of road noise. I found out a little known thing that Nitto's Terra Grappler G2's have a version that is Snow approved "3peak mountain with the snowflake" that meet Canada's rules for a snow tire. There is next to no info on these tires, but if you search for a Terra Grappler G2W or G2 SW you can find a little bit of info on them. Not sure if they are available in the states or a special Canada only thing.

    A few more pics:
    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed-toe-albums-lift-tires-picture80484-side-view-zone-4-front-3-back-lift-35-nitto-terra-grapplers-g.jpg

    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed-toe-albums-lift-tires-picture80480-back-3-4-view-zone-4-front-3-back-lift-35-nitto-terra-grapple.jpg

    Install process had some challenges. Zone claims you can put 35x12.5R20 tire on a 20x9 rim with 5" of back spacing with this lift. And that may be true for a hemi ram, but it seems some suspension parts are different on an Ecodiesel. The stock ram sport rims with 275/60R20 SR-A rubber on the stock suspension had about half an inch of gap between sidewall and UCA. With the 4" lift the gap was less then 1/8" of an inch, so no way a 1.5" wider tire is going to fit. I wanted to keep the stock rims for now so we picked up a 1" space for all 4 corners. That too was a bit tricky as apparently the studs on a hemi ram wheel are 1/2" and the ECO Diesels have 5/8" diameter studs. We had to hunt around to find ones that would fit the ECOdiesel vs the hemi. Then as we did the mounting and install found the studs on the Ecodiesel are about 1.5" long so we needed to chop off half an inch to work with the spacers.

    The result is about an inch of protrusion out side of the fender well.
    Zone 4" lift and 35" Terra Grapplers Installed-toe-albums-lift-tires-picture80478-tire-protrusion-1inch-spacers.jpg
    An issue I do need to fix as the province of BC made it illegal to have tires sticking out past the body of the truck.

    Truck rides fairly well with this all in. No real noticeable lean in the corners. Holds true and straight down the road. No rattles or squeaks to be heard so far. I got to drive in the truck for a weekend after the lift was installed but before the tires were due to finding out the UCA clearance being an issue. With the Nitto's I feel a few more bumps but nothing harsh.

    The truck before the lift, just levels on SR-A's was getting about 10L per 100km (23.5mpg) during my twisty hilly 60-80km/h commute from Sooke BC to Victoria. With the lift in still on the SR-A's it dropped to 10.3L (22.8mpg). More suspension exposed to wind and more weight is my guess to why that is. The skid plate that comes with the lift is 1/4" thick, which is somewhat heavy. Once the Nitto's got installed I now sit at 11L/100km or 21.3mpg, so in total I lost a little over 2 mpg going to a 4inch lift with some much heavier 10ply 35" tires.

    I am trying to figure out what PSI to set these tires to, I hear anywhere between 37 and 55psi, I've got them just at 40 for now and they seem good. They were at 35 when I got them back and they felt a little soft on the road.

    Will report in as I get some more mileage on these.
    2018 Ram 1500 Blue Streak Pearl Crew Cab, 4x4 Sport
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    "studs on a hemi ram wheel are 1/2" and the ECO Diesels have 5/8" diameter studs."

    I didn't know this and it could very well be the reason why the truck felt the way it did at high speeds. Can you tell me what brand spacers you went with?

    Truck looks fantastic.

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