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This is a discussion on GDE MPG Info/Study within the RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion forums, part of the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Forum category; Originally Posted by Perrysburg Dodgeboy DING DING DING we have a winner! FCA or any manufacture only needs to prove that the tune altered the ...

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Thread: GDE MPG Info/Study

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perrysburg Dodgeboy View Post
    DING DING DING we have a winner! FCA or any manufacture only needs to prove that the tune altered the manufactures performance specs and you are done. The manufactures have Attorneys on staff just for this and will tie you up for years in court. Do you have the money for that? Do you think an Attorney is going to take on your case for free or on contention? The answer to these are most likely no. If you can't afford to replace an engine or trans than you might want to hold off on the tune. Me I'm not worried as the benefits far out weigh the costs in the long run. We have yet to hear of any trucks with the GDE tune having a blown engine or trans. We have seen none tuned trucks with blown engines so if you are planing to keep your truck past the warranty period then I would look hard at getting the tune as early in the trucks life as possible.
    Just to clarify there has been gde tuned trucks with catastrophic failures a tune is not the fix all some think it is hardware can and still well fail. But I definitely agree tuning would be extremely hard to prove it didn’t have something to due with the failure and fca well absolutely use that against you if they find out. The magnuson moss was mainly for service and repairs not performance parts.

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    Check my fuelly and stay on topic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7milesup View Post
    Tuned at 92,000 miles. Before tune best I got 25.2. After tune best is 29.9. Not towing, just driving down the highway.

    Why did I get the tune? Truck started throwing continuous codes and FCA could not figure it out. $9200 in parts. Still would not run so only fix was GDE tune. Have 2500 miles or so on it since and it has been running great. Dealer paid for tune so it was a great deal for me!

    Pre tune...
    Crappy throttle response.
    Continuous error codes.
    Truck would only go into limp mode.
    2.5 months of downtime

    After tune...
    Can actually drive the truck.
    Better mileage by far, but I don't care about that so much. I do care if the truck runs however.
    The dealer paid for it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbl View Post
    The dealer paid for it???
    Yes, that is correct. I have a very good relationship with my dealer and he values his customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kkaldor View Post
    Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking for a few users of GDE to provide some basic info and data on their fuel economy results. Ultimately I'm hoping to gather up some real world data to influence my decision on buying the GDE tune and report back to the forum so others can make a more informed decision.

    If you are a GDE user I'm looking for the following items.

    1. Miles on your truck before GDE tune installed.
    2. Miles on your truck since GDE tune installed.
    3. Improvement in MPG since GDE tune installed (this can be calculated or educated guess). If calculated, what was your before and after MPG?
    4. Yes/No, have you used Fuelly or some other method to track MPG before and after the tune?
    5. If yes, how many pre and post GDE fuel ups have you had?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's responses. I'll do a deep dive into this and report back my findings ASAP. I know there's a lot of information out there regarding fuel economy related to the GDE tune, but I want to take the opportunity to compile some of this data in one thread.


    Admin/Mods, I know this probably should be in the Tuner forum, but I was thinking it would get more views and responses here. Please move if necessary.
    1. I added the GDE tune installed at 46,480.
    2. I'm over 115,000 miles, so like, 68,500.
    3. I was getting between 22 to 27 MPG without GDE Tune. After installing it, I never saw any difference in MPG.
    4. My Fuelly is on my siggy below.
    5. Pre GDE are fillups 1-51. I'm up to 207 fill-ups. There are some fill-ups between 51 and 207 without GDE. (Notes denote changes.)

    I'm down to 24 average now. My MPGs have gone down steadily since I hit 60k. I don't know why, but it's really been disappointing. I removed the GDE tune around 70k for about 10k, and saw no change in MPG. What I found was the turbo lag was the biggest deal. I considered selling my GDE tuned chip, but the turbo lag was horrible, so I decided to keep it and put it back on the truck. However, I do not have any MPG improvements from the GDE tune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kkaldor View Post
    I know I could take everyoneís word for it, but Iím an engineer and I like data. Case in point if I just looked at what sourdo is getting, I would think I should be getting 30mpg all day long. Well I can baby the crap out of my truck and never have a prayer to get that high. I just donít know how itís possible. Maybe he got ďone of the good onesĒ. Iím running 23-24 mpg occasionally higher or lower. I know it all depends on driving habits, Iíd love to know those of the people getting upwards of 30 mpg.

    I do realize there are many other benefits to GDE tunes and they are very valuable as well.

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    I have to point out that those mpg's were EVIC and highly suspect for accuracy. However, doing the same trip, my home to Anchorage, 65 mpg, calm day, cruise control, without gde, 30 mpg, with gde, 33 mpg. But the reality very well could be something different as my EVIC and hand calculations never jive. My average summer mpg running around town mileage is about 26 mpg. In the winter now it's been running around the 22.5 the last two fill ups. Those are hand calculated.

    Just saying, under perfect conditions and a light foot, I can get great mileage. But as soon as we hit town, that mileage dropped to 27 pretty fast in stop and go traffic. Wind and speed will change things too.

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