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Well after owning a 14 and a 16 ED, I have traded in for a 19 grand cherokee. I had 5 years of pretty much flawless driving with the ED's. Mileage averaged pretty much the same in both vehicles, until the last couple months. Part of the reason I traded. Was at dealer and they flashed the computer. Since that time its fuel mileage sucked. It wouldn't shift automatically out of 6th. Anyway I have been on the fence anyway and this just pushed me over. I will miss the space I had. I was concerned more with getting into and out of truck with my disability, was getting harder all the time. I for one was not one of the fear mongers about the engine, I did have concerns of the maintenance costs as I was on the line between driving enough miles and not to make it worth it.
Anyway, happy driving and enjoy your ED's. Maybe I will stop in once and awhile to see what's going on.
Apologies to you... you explained why you were getting rid of the ED... didn't see the last part. Hope the GC is able to serve your needs better. Don't be a stranger.