Hey all, I know there are several threads on resetting the oil life meter, but my problem seems to be slightly different.

A week or so ago, I installed a GDE tuned ECM (thing is magic by the way) on my 2016 ED, and followed their directions to reset the oil life meter. Ignition to 'RUN', gas pedal to the floor three times in the first 10 sec, ignition off. Turned the truck on, and the 'Change oil now' message is gone, and the meter shows 100% life and '0 miles since reset'.

However, in my next few hundred miles of driving, the oil life counter isn't decreasing at all. It still shows 100%, and '0 miles since reset'. I used the EVIC menus to reset the counter again, with no change to this behavior, and even did the ignition/pedal operation again. Oil life counter still stuck on 100%.

It's not really an issue because I change at even 10k intervals anyway, but does anyone know how to fix this annoyance?