looking at a 2014

looking at a 2014

This is a discussion on looking at a 2014 within the RAM 1500 Diesel Purchasing forums, part of the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Forum category; So I've been looking for an ED for about a month and getting ready to pull the trigger soon. Originally I've been looking at '16/'17 ...

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Thread: looking at a 2014

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    looking at a 2014

    So I've been looking for an ED for about a month and getting ready to pull the trigger soon. Originally I've been looking at '16/'17 models just to be a couple years away from a 1st gen and the few EGR issues I'd been coming across while researching. However now I'm seeing the settlement information and really curious as to if it will apply to a truck I am looking at.

    There is a 2014 with about 38,000 miles on it, single owner, and history report is clean. Its in really great shape and priced pretty decently at just under $25,000 (maybe there will be some wiggle room still on the price) and about 2 hours away. IF I purchased this truck, I believe I can take it into the dealership and have the AEM completed. Also after reading I do believe that I will be eligible for the $2400 if the previous owner puts in a claim or the full $3400 if they don't is that correct? Also i'd be eligible for the extended warranty of 10/120,000 or 4/48,000 and that warranty list is pretty encompassing of the issues the 1st gen had.

    Would you go for this truck? Is my thinking correct with the settlement/warranty?


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    Welcome - First post!

    Surprised this post sat here for a couple days without a response.

    That settlement is $3,075 to the original owner. I do not remember the other figures for second owners. You check to clear things up in your mind. There are also dates to have ownership so you will also have to check on those. Some of the links related to this settlement have that information. I find the whole thing a bit silly because the word "settlement" implies to me owners were wronged during their Ecodiesel ownership. Actually, I feel rewarded with my ownership and use for the 108,000 miles plus I have enjoyed.

    There is a Generation 2 engine. Only thing is that engine has yet to be sold. All the 2014-2018 engines are the same engine with no major changes. That Gen 2 engine is supposed to be out with the 2020 model. We do not know the details of what changes might be coming.

    As for whether you should buy the 2014, most are afraid to give their opinion maybe in part because of a fear of being wrong. If I were buying your selection I would check the coolant bottle to see if it is both a uniform color and filled up to the line. Check the oil not only for quantity on the dipstick but quality. If clean, might be just changed or might have a tune that turns off the EGR. If dirty-black, good chance those miles were done stock. That means the EGR system is somewhat sooty. You can clean some parts and stop further oil and engine contamination by adding a GDE program tune. That does more good things but the EGR sooting is a major improvement in engine internal cleanliness.

    You do not say what model Ecodeisel you are looking at. My Tradesman had an MSRP of about $41K and I bought it for about $32K new. Some models with a fancy interior and lots of computer gee gaws can MSRP a solid $20K-$25K more than mine. Same drivetrain and truck with cosmetic additions. Is there big value in that? Your opinion is what counts here. That $25,000 price could be good or bad depending on model, your priorities and condition. Mine right now is only worth about $15,000 yet looks and runs better than new. I can say that because it's super clean inside the engine as I run that clean GDE tune and service it religiously. Your possible choice is not too high a mileage to benefit from that.

    Your selection should come with a warranty. Time is running out on the original 5 year warranty if not already out. That settlement tune is nice in that you get a warranty extension. A positive thing to consider.

    I took time and made the effort to give you some ideas to think about. Hope you make the right decision for you. Oh - I really do get 25-30 mpg in my normal operation. Just more to consider.
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    I think you can do a bit better on the price. Yup, get the AEM completed, that extended warrantee will be nice and the extra dollars can buy your GDE tune. Honestly, I'd have the dealer remove the EGR diffuser and show you, make them clean or replace, before you get the GDE tune. No need to have that nasty crap in your intake.
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