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Do I need a 2500?

This is a discussion on Do I need a 2500? within the RAM 1500 Diesel Towing & Hauling forums, part of the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Forum category; Originally Posted by Brokedownbutgood Something looks way off with those weights probably didn't have the truck positioned right on the scales. I agree. From your ...

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Thread: Do I need a 2500?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brokedownbutgood View Post
    Something looks way off with those weights probably didn't have the truck positioned right on the scales.
    I agree.

    From your weight slips the trailer axles were 5,900 lbs.

    Your total truck weight was 8,800 lbs.

    Typical truck weigh would be approximately 6,000 lbs empty, so you have "approximately" 2,800 lbs of tongue weight????
    Add the tongue weight and the trailer axle weight and you have a total 8,700 pound trailer? I don't see what looks like 8700 lbs on that trailer. I have also had 2700 lbs of sacked feed in the bed of my truck and there is no travel left in the rear suspension and any P-rated tires will look like its about to pop. I believe something is wrong with your weight slips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodtbdm View Post
    Here are some other pictures I managed to find. There are 4 quads, and dry weight is just under 400, so 1600-2000# weight for the quads would be accurate. There was some squat when loaded with passengers, got lots of high beams flashed at night.
    Uh, tighten up your chains, you'll start a fire. They don't need to be that (edit) loose!!!. Get in a tight turn and check it out.
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    dodtbdm, Reviewing this thread and looking at your first post. Thoughts and weight estimates for you. If you have two couples in the cab each a 200 pound man and 150 pound woman you have 700 pounds in the cab. If camp ready TT is 6,500 and you set TW to 800 pounds you now have 1500 pounds on the truck. If the truck itself weighs 5,500 you are at 7,000 GVW. Right at your 6,950 GVWR. What if you throw another 400 pounds of gear in the cab end of your bed that you cannot put in the TT IE a GVW of 7,400? Is it going to be stable, safe, and stop?

    Well if you have loaded the truck, TT, and set the WDH so that your scale slips reads 3,400 steer, 4,000 drive (7,400) and your TW is a smidge over 12% at 800 its going to be more stable such as in a swerve around (out and back in the lane) to avoid hitting someone who pulled out in front of you or a semi bow wave (a problem with towing TTs) than the load where people were flipping their brights at you because your head lights were in their eyes. Set up as described your headlights will not be in anyone's eyes. When you were set up with the quads you had too much tongue weight and even more importantly too little steer weight because the hitched weight used the drive axle as a teeter totter fulcrum.

    This when pressed would prove to be skittish roll prone and not stop well. If you would of had to do a swerve around your rig would have been more prone to leave you upside down backwards and in the ditch. Also with replaced steer weight IE the 3,400 you will have full braking traction. Set up as you were with the quads the front tires would easily slide. Pushing it you could have easily slid through a stop light. Now you see why I am not as concerned with being 3 or 4 percent over GVWR as I am in getting my load & WDH to the scale so that especially my steer and TW are set up for maximum stability and safety. Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sourdo View Post
    Uh, tighten up your chains, you'll start a fire. They don't need to be that (edit) loose!!!. Get in a tight turn and check it out.
    Good catch on the chains. It usually recommended to have them tight enough to keep the trailer tongue from hitting the ground if it comes off.

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    I think your weigh at 1114 (time stamp) was the trailer only. Then your weigh at 1116 had the trailer too far forward and it registered on the drive axle scale, hence why trailer is 0 and drive is 5800.

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