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I haven't read all of the GDE posts but don't remember anyone saying there is a dramatic change to the vehicle. All of the changes I saw were modest. Remember GDE validates all of the changes they make and they make sure their tune won't effect the long term reliability of the truck.
I would consider "modest" quite significant. I have also read reports describing the throttle response "throwing to the back of your seat". That being said, I am wise enough to take such postings on forums with a grain of salt.

However, as previously mentioned, I am happy I did the GDE tune and believe it will increase longevity of the truck with nominal performance gains. I also really like the exhaust brake and slow cruise function. I intend to keep the ecodiesel a long time (so much so I also bought the 8 year warranty which hopefully I will never use. That being said, I can not remember the last car I purchased that the costly AC didn't go out on in given our harsh environment-salty and hot with AC always running. Cheap insurance in my opinion.) and feel this should greatly improve its chances to remain on the road vs. the shop.