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  1. California, welcome to paradise!

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    An update on events in California from my favorite reporter.
  2. 11 years old this September

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    Interesting thought! I will have to check that.
  3. 11 years old this September

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    Plugs were changed this past May and the recommended change for a 2009 Hemi is 30k miles. All the plugs looked good, and it is random cylinders I get misfires on so I am not thinking it is the cam right now. Oil and filter has been changed every 3 to 4 k miles by the dealer. Always, only...
  4. 11 years old this September

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    This truck meets all my requirements, all my necessities, has all the features I need, has a lifetime drive train warranty, and no debt. Why would I want a new one? New and shiny bobbles aren't important to me.
  5. FCA Must be Confident in the Gen-3 ED

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    TFLT ran a mileage test on the new diesel and hit 40 mpg. Pretty amazing if that holds up.
  6. 11 years old this September

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    11 years old and still running great. I do have one issue with the truck that is random and has been happening for about a year now, random multiple misfires on start up which throws a check engine light. This goes out after a set period of time and will come back about every 3 or 4 weeks. Only...
  7. Engine Fire - Truck Destroyed

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    Sad to see any truck burn up and could have been any number of things. I think Vern had an oil leak on his turbo that burnt out a harness, could be electrical or a faulty fuel line. No make is immune from this. At least the tailgate and firewall survived on this truck
  8. Water leak in rear of cab

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    We could send men to the moon and bring them back way back in 1969, but they still can't make a proper seal for the third brake light in 2019.
  9. Ram is the # 2 truck seller!

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    Ram trucks beat out combined sales of GM Silverado and GMC for number two slot. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-02/fiat-chrysler-s-ram-edges-closer-to-ford-with-monster-sales
  10. 2020 eco

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    The first iteration of the EcoDiesel was for GM and Cadillac, the second was the beefed up 3.0 for the Ram and the 3rd is this new more beefed up engine just released.
  11. Why Did Ram Choose The ED?

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    Dodge was just about ready to put the 5.0 cummins diesel in the 1500 back in 2009 MY or 2010 MY at the latest. Note the freon sticker on my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 which was built in September 2008, very early in the build system. They had every intention to drop that baby in there. Nasty storm...
  12. Update on the Oroville Dam and some good insight on the recent Boeing 737 incidents

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    The finishing touches on the Oroville Dam spillway rebuild and FEMA's refusal to pay its full share of the cost because of the State of California's neglect of known problems. A pilots eye view of the Boeing 737 problems. Thanks to Juan Browne.
  13. Weight difference between the Ram Hemi and ED

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    If your request is for the engines weight, the Hemi is roughly 500 lbs and I believe the 3D is slightly heavier in the 550 lbs range.
  14. Shattered sliding window.

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    No issues with The Ram rear glass shattering since I have been following the forums. Ford was having a lot of problems with the portal window and glass shattering in the rear a few years back. Possibly a one off or, as others have said some kind of flying object.
  15. Cracked paint / seam sealer - anyone else?

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    Since the cabs are pretty much the same through out the whole of the 4 generation, I can say I have not seen any mention of your problem on any model year of the truck. Seems like this may be a one off or a very limited problem. Poor welds? Only thing I could find on cracking welds on the cab...