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aem update

  1. Check Is In The Mail? Hope, yeah.

    RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    :mad: FCA has tightened its purse strings! (At least with respect to the AEM settlement). I thought I did everything right. I filed a claim. Received a case number and offer. Signed and notarized the agreement. Had the dealer flash the ECM with the V08 recall software. Experienced the prescribed...
  2. GDE to AEM and back again - My steps and thoughts.

    FCA/EPA 3.0L Diesel Settlement and AEM
    I finally completed all the paperwork for the AEM update and settlement. And I thought I would share my steps and thoughts. 1. I didn't want to lose my GDE tune (installed very early on) so I bought a salvage ECU on ebay (about $250.00). When it arrived I was concerned as the condition of the...
  3. A question about the EGR recall & GDE.

    RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    for The last 72K miles on my Ram ED I have had GDE’s Hot Tune. Not deleted except for the EGR diffuser tube, EGR still attached to engine just blocked off with plates. My question for you more experienced ones, is, this latest EGR recall still affect my truck? Or does affect ones that are still...
  4. FCA has acknowledged the problem of poor throttle response after AEM update

    FCA/EPA 3.0L Diesel Settlement and AEM
    Dropped off my truck yesterday in Wenatchee, WA for the same issues others have reported here of throttle response being totally sucky after the AEM update. They opened Star case and SM called me to say that FCA knows there is a problem but both dealer and owner have to answer a questionnaire...