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  1. RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    Hey guys! Can you please recommend a good retractable cover for 6'4 bed on my Ecodiesel? I'd like something that retracts opens and closes easily and is high quality and looks good and streamlined. I was considering running a Decked drawer system underneath. Anyone have a set up like this? If...
  2. RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    I'm in no way affiliated with this company, but I'll pass on a great deal. If you call www.truckalterations.com at 800-958-7576 you can save HUGE off what's listed on their website and get free shipping. I saved over $100 on my Truxedo bed cover. Looks like they carry a lot more than bed...
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    This being my first new vehicle. I always bought used/pre-owned and being my second truck. This truck i actually happen to care about because its new and I love it so I want to enjoy it for years to come. I hope this thread can be a help to those looking for a cover for their rams and like...
1-3 of 3 Results