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  1. Canadian General Discussion
    it started like a charm... So just came back from my European trip and was a bit concerned that truck may not start after sitting in the cold for a while. Was thinking that diesel may gel-up, DEF freeze and battery dead. But it started without any problems. No hesitation at all. And I even...
  2. RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical
    New to the site and love it. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same issues. The truck is brand new and I love it but the night was -19 C in the city and sat overnight for 9 hours without being plugged in. In the morning it would not even try to start with push button or remote start. It...
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    Hey guys! I tinkered around a bit and ended up with a great home made Cold air intake. Still a work in progress as i want a heat shield, but so far well worth the $80 and hour it took! Took off all the stock silenced and what i considered to be restricted plastic pieces, and replaced with a...
1-3 of 3 Results