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  1. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hello everyone, I just sold my 1500 eco diesel as I needed to upgrade to a 3/4 ton pickup. I was running the banks derringer and pedal monster in it and now have all of it for sale. It was an awesome upgrade to have. I paid ~1300 for all of it new a couple years ago and I'm open to offers for...
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Traded in my 2014 ecodiesel but didn't have the time to pull the engine wire harness for the derringer out before the trade. You should be able to order a brand new one from Banks. Bought in september 2022 and I still have an online receipt for it. Edit: Price drop. Willing to take offers, have...
    $350 USD
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel Tuning
    Living in California I can't legally purchase GDE for my truck. Not that I give a rats ass but I do need to get it smogged every two years. I have been looking at the Banks Derringer. I have not seen anything posted on here about it was wondering what everyone thought about it. And has...
1-3 of 3 Results