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  1. ‘14-‘18 1500 EcoDiesel Fuel Filter and Filter Wrench (brand new in box)

    For sale (both new and in original boxes): EcoDiesel fuel filter (Mopar) retail $38 Fuel filter wrench (Geno’s Garage) retail $17 I traded in my truck and no longer need these parts. Will sell both for $50 total and I’ll pay for ground shipping to US lower 48. I can accept PayPal for payment...
  2. Coolant in transmission

    RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical
    Please help. I'm currently deployed in the middle east. I had my wife take our 2015 ram 1500 diesel into our local dealership in response to a recall. She mentioned that she had been concerned about the truck accelerating. She just forwarded me the email from the dealership below. I'm not the...
  3. Lucas Diesel Deep Clean

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    Has anyone used this product? I've heard some good things, however none specifically related to the EcoD. Just curious to see if there's any experience out there with this product.
  4. Will diesel go extinct?

    RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    There is a lot of talk now that prominant mayors across the world are banning diesel cars from being licensed in their cities, Paris, London, Mexico City, Athens and Madrid are all on this list. You'll notice there are no German cities on this list since Stuttgart for example is one of the most...
  5. 25 days later and.....

    Canadian General Discussion
    it started like a charm... So just came back from my European trip and was a bit concerned that truck may not start after sitting in the cold for a while. Was thinking that diesel may gel-up, DEF freeze and battery dead. But it started without any problems. No hesitation at all. And I even...
  6. Hello from Oregon!

    Hello world! Here in the valley, Recently bought my truck in January. Was between the Colorado 2.8l Diesel and the Ram Eco. Got tired of waiting/ extra power, and fullsize truck. At the price, It was a no brainer. 2015 last years model. I'll post pics before and after mods soon, but, so far...
  7. Deposit your 2 cents here - ED or Hemi based on my driving

    RAM 1500 Diesel Purchasing
    Hey folks - I have been perusing this site regularly for the past three weeks (as well as many other sites and reviews) and am still undecided on what engine I want. I know I like the RAM 1500 out of the trucks I have driven but can't seem to make up my mind - ED or Hemi. My driving I have a...
  8. Asheville, NC Mercedes 3.0 diesel owner

    Hello, I pull a 6000 lb GVWR travel trailer to Florida and Wisconsin every season and searched many months for the right tow vehicle. Had to be a diesel for low rpm torque and pulling ability at low (relaxing) rpm. The HD pickups were too big, tall and truck like. Finally bought a 2 year old...