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  1. ECM, Bags, Scan Gauge etc for sale.

    Items for sale: ECM fits ecodiesel - Good Used Condition. The ECM has the GDE tune installed. GDE tells me that it can be transferred to a new vehicle/owner for $200. $650 obo US Timber Grove Bags - Unused Condition $275 US. Scan Gauge II with manual and cable (no velcro) - $100 US...
  2. Opinions on ECM Tunes

    RAM 1500 Diesel Tuning
    New to the Forum and a newer ECO owner (Oct 17). Been following the tuning and aftermarket for the trucks since before they were released but seemed until recently the Tuning seemed fairly limited. Seems "generally" the ECM tunes are more reliable than the plug and play (generally no...
  3. DEF, the Weakest link in out trucks.

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    (-35c) My wife was on her way to work yesterday when the MIL came on. Stopped by the dealership, they quickly scanned it. Truck said "replace PCM". Service manager said that it didn't make sense, because I have already replaced my PCM @ approx 15k km, and they seldom have to replace pcm's...