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  1. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    Wanted what people have had to say about owning a ecodiesel. I have a chance to pick up a nicer truck with some less miles. I’ve researched on some issues they have but want to know how common they are? It’s a 2015 1500. I’d ideally delete it first. How do people like them?
  2. RAM 1500 EcoDiesel 3rd Gen General Discussion
    Newbie here to the forum. Just bought my dream truck, it's a 2020 eco limited. My question is has anyone cleaned there egr? If so, can you point into the right direction on where it is located, cleaners and steps you took. Can't find anything online such as tutorials. Thankyou!
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    Hi, new to this forum and first time posting. I recently traded a Ram 2500 CTD in on a 2018 Ram 1500 ED, Laramie trim. The new truck had 63K miles and dealer gave me 3 month CPO warranty which has just lapsed. I have quotes from Mopar Vehicle Protection and Endurance Warranty for extended...
  4. RAM 1500 EcoDiesel 3rd Gen General Discussion
    So just a heads up to current/prosepct RAM 1500 EcoDiesel owners (Gen3).... Back in May, I traded my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat EcoBoost with 125,000 miles to buy, what I thought, was my dream truck. A fully-loaded 1500 EcoDiesel Limited. MSRP of nearly $75,000. Beautiful truck. I believe it...
  5. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    Here is my situation: 2017 Ecodiesel 40,000 miles (Purchased new in March of 2018) Highway MPG dropped to below 20 (based on onboard fuel computer) compared to ~25 at the end of 2019 (based on onboard fuel computer) My highway MPG and city MPG are now within 1 MPG of each other! Just took in...
  6. Canadian General Discussion
    Hello to all. I am located in the Hamilton area of Ontario. Purchased an Ecodiesel new off the lot. After a week or so getting used to the truck I noticed it always drifted to the left. Advised my salesman, and it went in for an alignment. Still pulled to left. Back in again for another...
  7. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel with 104K miles on it. About 2 weeks ago I had the "service Electronic Throttle Control" light come on. I took it in to the dealership and they serviced it. Code was P0299 and they replaced the turbo, all the gaskets, cac hose and fuel filters. Drove fine for...
  8. Canadian Ram 1500 Diesel Marketplace
    Traded: 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn Ecodiesel with extended warranty and lots more Selling my 2014 Eco..For a right price, will include GDE and original ECU.. More info and pictures...
  9. RAM 1500 Diesel Towing & Hauling
    Just got a brand new eco diesel - need it to haul an enclosed car trailer that weighs about 2,000lbs. Got it hooked up - onto the freeway and had an intermittent shimmy pattern. The steering wheel shook and entire front end. Does anyone have any advice? Similar experience?
  10. RAM 1500 Diesel Tuning
    Aloha, Just installed GDE tune. Thank you for the clear instructions and all the valuable information posted on this Forum. It went in quite easily without issue given its somewhat cramped. I think that I will hang on to the ECM for a couple days to ensure it is running as it should prior to...
  11. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    Just wonder how our 1500's would compare to 3500 when it comes to a frame twist. When I was looking to buy my 1st truck I had a look at Ford and GMC. Neither was appealing to me. Ford finish was to cheap and with GM I did not like how fenders were square.
  12. RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical
    Hi Guys, I am new on here I wanted to let you all know that I purchased a brand new 2014 Eco Diesel from Peel Chrysler back in Dec, I was very happy with my purchase and the dealer was great unfortunately I was driving on the 401 last wednesday and when I went to pass a vehicle I heard the...
  13. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    21,000 km. 2014 Ram Eco Diesel. Three weeks without truck. I was told another 5 weeks to get new injectors . Offered $1000 dollars toward rental. Paying $100 per day for truck rental. $may cost $6000 . Any ideas? I am involved with chrysler canada..I e Really need the truck.
1-13 of 13 Results