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  1. Mopar Air, Oil and Fuel filters for sale

    Canadian Ram 1500 Diesel Marketplace
    I bought these filters when I purchased my 18. I don't have the truck so I'm selling them. 3 X Mopar 68190705AA 6819 0705AA, Air Filter 3 X Mopar 68229402AA Engine Oil Filter 3 X Mopar 68235275AA 6823 5275AA, Fuel Filter I want $240 for them all. I live in Edmonton but will pack them up if...
  2. New fuel filter makes a difference

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    Okay, I realize they now recommend 15K mile fuel filter changes, but I let mine go to just shy of 30K. I replaced it along with the oil and filter (third oil change). I also installed Geno's Garage's brass plug. The old filter had the appearance of a used "natural brown" coffee filter. No a...
  3. 30K maintenance: Fuel Filter, 4x4 service, Air Filters

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    my 2015 EcoDiesel now as 33,500 miles on it. Despite the fact that I have RAM's MaxCare warranty, my local small-town dealership was not very interested in doing maintenance on it for some reason. Long story. I'm from the East Coast and usually the love when you walk in on a warranty, go...
  4. Changing the fuel filter

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    First off let me say I'm not mechanically inclined, but I have learned a lot from this site and it's great members - THANKS! My current comfort level with the truck is to do my own oil changes. I have a 2015 and it's at about 32,000 KMS - hasn't been to the shop once ;) There is a scheduled...
  5. FCA hasent updated service department of new oil spec? also what about fuel filter?

    RAM 1500 Diesel Maintenance
    Hello folks, Just wondering where I can get the info regarding the new oil specs that came from FCA? I thought I saw a link on here with the revised service manual but cant seem to find it - or I could be wrong. However I asked my service department about switching to the ROTELLA T6 and they...