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  1. 35 inch tires on Stock 20" wheels-Lift Kit required, or is level kit ok?

    RAM 1500 Diesel Suspension - Chassis
    Good evening fellow EcoDiesel drivers, I love my 2015 1500ED Big Horn with stock coil suspension (no air) but I don't like the low front end profile. I work in mining and haul truck ruts and rainy days make me cringe when the wind skirt drags. I'm wanting to either level the front end off with...
  2. 35's

    RAM 1500 Diesel Suspension - Chassis
    I just bought 2015 1500 crew with the echo 4x4. Tomorrow installing 2.5 leveling kit from rough country. Can i run 35's and if so will i have to do anything else? Or do i just run 33's i have the 20 inch rims thanks
  3. 33's or 35's

    RAM 1500 Diesel Wheels and Tires
    need some help here please I have 2015 ram 1500 4x4 with the echo crew tomorrow installing rough country 2.5 level kit. my question is will I be able to run 35's and if so will they rub?
  4. Front bumper replacement/grill guard and bilstein shocks update

    RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    The fab fours elite bumper was finally installed on my ED yesterday. More pics to come as I haven't even picked it up yet. Tech said I lost about .75in in clearance with the added weight so it goes in next thursday for the bilsteins 5100 to be installed at 2.1 setting. Will post more updates and...
  5. Advice on Front bumper replacements and leveling kits

    RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    Hey guys! New to forum and just been reading a lot about leveling kits but cannot find much on front bumper replacements so I thought I would post another thread. I live in Montana and drive backroads and highways infested with deer, moose, and elk so most people put front bumper replacements...
  6. Leveling Kit

    RAM 1500 Diesel Suspension - Chassis
    Hey guys its my first time posting but been on the forum for a while. I have a 2014 ram 1500 ecodiesel and I would really want to increase the height of the front. I've went to the dealer for a leveling kit and they said $950, thats including my chrysler employee discount. Reading a bunch of...