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  1. RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical
    Today, my '14 ED with 85,000 miles threw the P203e "reductant level sensor circuit intermittent/erratic" code. I've done some reading and understand it's most likely related to a sensor in the DEF tank. I have an extended warranty, so I'm wondering if this is something I should look into having...
  2. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    UPS dropped off GDE Tuned ECU today and jumped on it as soon as I got home. Only problem with the install is...I have GIGANTIC hands... I have real trouble finding gloves that will fit over my knuckle-dragging hands, and getting those two bottom bolts out and back in was a royal PIA... Once...
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    My DEF Gauge is still reading 1/2-full even after filling with 4-gal of DEF from a Pump at Flyin' J. My 2014 EcoD threw a P203E code, which I cleared with a scanner. I can't tell if the system is using DEF or not, but the CEL hasn't returned. Do I risk any damage to the motor waiting to see...
1-3 of 3 Results