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  1. Diagnosing a P24AE code.

    RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    I will try to make this brief as I can but. In my previous life I was a certified technician that specialized in electronics and drive ability issues. This was before OBDII and I was not just a trained monkey, I was a diagnoser. Excuse me if I have some of the new terminology incorrect. I...
  2. Daylight sensor cap

    RAM 1500 Diesel Electrical
    Hi all! I got a 2016 RAM 1500 Laramie. Due to national regulations the headlight must be ON allways. Therefor I have to "cover" the daylight sensor. I have done this today with some black tape, but honestly, it is not pretty! Is there any way to disable the sensor, or cover the sensor with...
  3. I Need Spare Parts - Broken NOx Sensor Nut and Bung

    RAM 1500 Diesel Mechanical
    For anyone who has straight piped their EcoDiesel, I am looking for sensors and possibly an SCR pipe. I broke the nut off of the NOx sensor and the bung got damaged after a failed attempt to use heat to get it out. Now that I have my ecodiesel straight piped and celtic tuned, the girlfriend...