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  1. RAM 1500 Diesel Towing & Hauling
    Well I finally let the wife talk me into a TT. We picked it up from the dealer Friday and they set up my WDH for me but I wanted to put some numbers up and see what the more experienced tow guys thought. The trip home was only about 35 miles and it was quite gusty and a little hilly but...
  2. RAM 1500 Diesel Towing & Hauling
    I recently towed my 31' Travel Trailer (~8400 LBS) back and forth between New Brunswick, Canada and Florida. It was quite a trip, 3800 MI Round Trip. The truck worked great, rolling at 60-65 MPH. Anything more than that got a little scary with swaying. Averaged around 12.7MPG. Used cruise...
  3. Buy/Sell/Trade
    My truck will be arriving shortly with the tow mirrors. My mistake in ordering them.:( I have limited parking and never tow. I would love to trade for a pair of the power folding heated mirrors that come standard on most trucks from Laramie and up.
1-3 of 3 Results