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  1. RAM 1500 Diesel General Discussion
    Hello, I’m having trouble finding a tuner that would work through my ODB2 for a full delete. Just curious if anyone knows where I could find a delete tune that doesn’t require me to pull my ECM and send it out for a week? Thanks in advance.
  2. Introductions
    Hello all - I got a 2016 ED in the last year that I need to do a tune on - I'm assuming stage 2... my primary objective (beyond engine longevity) is fuel economy and clean combustion. The truck is fairly low miles, about 55k kilometers. I've been reading these threads for over a year...
  3. RAM 1500 Diesel Tuning
    If I am understanding this topic correctly, tuning DOES NOT require any physical modifications to the vehicle other than possibly installing a gauge and a module that plugs into the OBDII port, yes? Deleting requires the removal/blocking of certain parts of the engine, exhaust, etc. If so, then...
  4. RAM 1500 Diesel Tuning
    So quick and short, first post here. Got a 2015 eco BH crew cab with 99K. Looking to tune it for a few reasons. Longevity, MPG and slightly better engine/exhaust sound. I don’t need more power out of it. my buddy did the old GDE tune that allowed him to straight pipe it. Obviously not an option...
  5. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Just seeing if there is any interest out there for this as it won't work on my 2018. Designed for 2014-2015. I have never used it. I bought a 2018 ED Laramie and when I was in getting the windows tinted, the owner of the shop had the Banks exhaust he had used on a 2015 with the Bullet for one...
  6. Buy/Sell/Trade
    (sold) I have a brand new banks tuner in the box factory sealed, also comes with barely use windshield mount gauge pod. Tuner was $740 and mount was $40, would like to get $600 for it.
  7. RAM 1500 Diesel Accessories
    Ordered a Laramie ED today. Somebody has got to be working on a better set of electronic gauges right? Maybe in a tuner? I can't believe I am going to be running blind on the boost, egt, and trans temp. I can obviously put in analog gauges, but I would expect that all this info is already...
1-8 of 8 Results