I have a set of grille inserts for a RAM 1500 truck between 2014 and 2018. They might fit 2013 RAM 1500 and 2019 classic versions as well but buyer needs to verify. These are the chrome slat style found on Bighorn models. They were on the truck for about 4 years before I swapped them out; therefore, they show some normal wear and tear. Your application will need to have a good outside grille shell as these are only the inserts that go inside the shell. Asking $50 or best offer.

Edit: I just checked with the local UPS store. Shipping is frack'n ridiculus for single items. These inserts unfortunately have an odd size so it doesn't fit in the standard boxes. I'm looking at $45 or more to ship to most places. I guess I'm stuck with them until someone in the UP needs a pair or you happen to be passing through.