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Hello Everyone!

So, i have a 2014 Ecodiesel that will not start (which i purchased not running). The assumption from the seller was the cam gear slipped. After tearing apart the right side of the motor, the timing visually looks correct (granted rumor has it that being off by .5deg will cause an impact? Which, visually you couldn't see) I did a compression check on all 6 cylinders. Compression on cylinder 2 (which would be the affected side) was low (210psi) but it could have been the tool didn't seat fully. None the less, i still would expect it to fire even if that cylinder was low. I was told the HPFP was replaced 10k miles before purchase... but i can't confirm that. When i loosened the fitting to the right fuel rail slightly and turned over the motor, it didn't spray out as i would expect... just kind of dribbled out. I pulled the HPFP and am going to have it tested (along with the injectors).

I am basically just looking for suggestions on where to look next. It's always easier to hear from others who have had issues than to keep chasing assumptions.

Thank you ahead of time for any help!

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