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That is one good-looking pickup. You kept it like a time capsule. Doubt anyone could tell you what it is worth because...

Location - Where you are located may give some an idea of local interest. Downtown of a major northern city would probably bring far less than the truck-loving areas of Texas.

Knowledge - There are some with the knowledge of Ecodiesel history. to touch an early one might mean some form of deletion and programming to help with reliability. Is this stock, have recalls and updates? You might have to find someone who believes all diesels are lifetime lasting and only know that to get a big dollar.

There are surely other factors but my guess is the $13-15k book value will not help. The pickup is already 8 years old and long out of warranty. For some, paying a premium for that would not be considered. Start advertising for any "pie in the sky" price you desire. You never know.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts