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2016 RAM EcoDiesel Review, for everyone looking to buy one

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Hi guys, My name is Max. I recently purchased a 2016 RAM EcoDiesel. I was asked to do a review on it and thought id share it here with anyone looking to buy and is skeptical.
Big horn pacakage, parking sensors, heated seats and steering wheel, 4x4. Heres a link to my video, let me know what you think and anything else you'd like to see or know.
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Nice review....thanks for sharing!!
No offense meant, but I just gotta ask who asked you to do the review, and what makes them/you feel right about doing the review after you had admittedly never owned a truck?

I cranked the volume and the road noise is always higher than you so it was pretty tuff to listen to.
I wasn't stating opinions on which truck is better or anything, so it doesn't matter if I owned a truck before or not. It was a review on the truck I currently do have, how it is and what it does.
Good review and welcome to the forum!
Just about any vehicle will get glowing reviews by an owner who just purchased it.

The reviews I truely value most are the reviews from owners who have used the vehicle for 24 months.
Thanks for sharing and Welcome to the Forum.
You might want to edit your review to tell what cab size you actually have.
Nice review. Thanks and welcome to the forum.
Thats for presenting the review and all the "buttons and screen". I learned something.

I learned to stay away from all those touch-screen things and buttons. Might be dumb enough to actually press something and end up in outer space. Too fancy for me/
Thanks for the video and welcome to the forum.
Background noise was to loud, only got through about 2 minutes of it. Think you need a remote microphone to drown out all of the background noise and to be able to actually hear what you have to say. I like the concept of a newbie reviewing the truck though....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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