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On my 2014 I am also very happy with the 3.55. As I have said elsewhere on the site over the years with an eight speed transmission the big advantage of the 3.92 basically comes at take off. Once you are up to 20 mph or so the combination of the torque converter and the many gears we have deliver about the same performance if you do not have a 'thing' about not being in 8th gear. 6th is direct and 7th and 8th are overdrive. I like being in eigth when I am empty/lightly loaded and the few times I tow anything of significance I don't mind if the transmission stays between 6th and 7th. I do think an objective analysis would conclude that if you tow something heavy or with a high windage for a significant amount of time the 3.92 makes good sense. If you only do so occasionally then the 3.55 seems to be the correct choice. Unfortunately the magic e-locker rearend is only available in 3.92. I see this rearend as a giant improvement on a limited slip and sure wish it was available on other ratios.(when you need both rear wheel to drive fully you lock it in when you don't you have an open diff and have better economy and better tire life and don't tearup your gravel driveways near so much.

With the higher hp of the new model the truck should do even better with a 3.55 assuming the transmission gear ratios remain the same.

That said, this is an emotional subject and it is often difficult to separate beliefs from facts.

All the best,
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