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Hi all,

For those looking for a roll up tonneau cover for a truck with the mft, it is possible.

You have to swap out your factory corner brackets with the one from Right On Bracket. You need to buy new bolts with a socket flat head (8mm x 1.25mm x 70mm, 8mm x 1.25mm x 35mm) so the bolts don't stick out. I had to trim one of the brackets on the passenger side to make the emergency latch on the cover fit. As this is the side with the smaller door, thus with less leverage, I don't anticipate a problem.

Bumper Wood Fixture Automotive exterior Material property

The canister just fits inside the brackts with no wiggle room left. The canister has a deep enough lip with a nice weather strip that covers the thickness of the bracket at the cab side.

Now the difficult part... the rails are now long by 3/8 due to the canister not sitting all the way to the front. I cut the rails down at the end that attaches to the canister. This makes some of the holes for attachment not align properly. I had to redrill the holes over 3/8 so they would line back up. This is not an easy thing to do so make sure you are mechanically inclined before you attempt this. There is more that could go wrong in this step if you don't know what you are doing. If the manufacturer would be wiling to custom make the rails 3/8 shorter for you, it would be very easy.

In all it took me a little over 4 hours to install. I have the electric version but I would guess the others would work as they likely use the same canister.
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