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59k miles-Engine gone

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Truck went from driving great to Low Oil Pressure on dash, went thru screen and found 17psi oil, let up throttle to find safe area to pull over off 4 lane, by time I got on shoulder engine quit and I coasted to stop, got out and checked and oil is full, so tow to dealer.
Sucks as it was a great driving truck
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Sounds exactly like another failed FCA product.
What year is your truck?

Since you posted on the 3rd Generation (2020 or newer) section, that would make it very unusual. If it is a 2019 or older (second generation) model, then the issue is way more common.
99% of miles are empty highway miles, great MPG, but this just sucks☹
2020 truck so newer version
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There are over 800 engines on National backorder as of yesterday.
Does Ram warranty cover loaners?
First failed new gen ED that I’ve read about. I assume that back order is on the 14-19 gen ED engines.
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Hate being #1 then
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Well at least it will be covered and you are not in that big back log of motors. Best and do keep us updated. Lol the forum wants to know.
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@Ridge69, you said that you have a 2020 truck. How many miles are on the truck? What engine oil have you been using? You should be covered by the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. The 3rd gen engines are pretty solid engines, so this is a rare failure, assuming it's an actual failure and not something else.
Correct 59k miles, every change has been done at a ram dealer with records. Dealer said they are 10 days out but will get a Mech on it on Monday to determine issue.
No external leaks but misses bad and sounds like it has rods banging around
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No external leaks but misses bad and sounds like it has rods banging around
Sorry to hear this. Keep us posted.
Bummer. I have a 2020 that has had some problems. Would be very interested to hear what the issue is with yours. I was given a loaner for both my visits to the dealer. Ram Cares helped a little when the dealer was dragging their feet. Good luck, and on the bright side, you may have a new motor in your future.............
Sucks to be maybe the first one losing the new motor.

Now in 2020 there was a brief production of a "Classic" model. I do believe that used the older motor until they ran out of them. Also thinking some or most were single cab models. Anyway,, this is a picture of a 2020 - Generation 3 motor. Your engine should look like the.

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That looks like my engine, not sure how much different other engines would look though.
This is first vehicle in my 61 yrs that I had dealer do all oil changes.
By chance do any of the receipts for oil changes mention what oil was used?
I don't remember seeing the actual oil mentioned, normally paralyzed by seeing price
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