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First off, I apologize for the length. I recently had to replace the Air Suspension compressor in my '14 ED. Prior to this I had no issues with my Air Suspension System.

Here's a rough timeline of the events:

Firestone lifetime alignment completed

Few Days Later
"Service Air Suspension System" and "Service Electronic Braking" errors.
Occasionally Air Suspension would inoperable until errors would reset on next start. This was a random occurrence.

Same errors as above, but errors would not reset.

Codes P0118, P054F, P061B, P0128, P0118, U3017; "Service Electronic Braking System,"Service Air Suspension System" "Service Electronic Throttle Control"
Truck did not drive well at all. Appointment was made with dealer to get truck looked at and not driven until it night before appointment on 11/04/19.

11/4/19 - 11/12:
Truck was in shop and following was done:
(A) State Inspection
(B) Air Suspension Compressor was replaced. No leaks were detected in the system at any point.
(C) ABS was reprogramed
(D) Coolant sensor was replaced

No errors were registering when I picked truck up until...

"Service Electronic Braking System" and "Service Air Suspension System" errors
These errors lasted for a day then cleared themselves. Spoke to dealer who stated to bring truck back if errors stayed on.

"Service Electronic Braking System" and "Service Air Suspension System" Errors.
The errors would not reset at this time.

Truck back in the shop. Dealer did not want to give me a loaner vehicle but after speaking to the general manager they agreed to lend me one.
Dealer claims truck out of alignment (note above it was just aligned) would cause all of this. A C0051-28 code (Steering Wheel Position Sensor) and U-0415-00 (Invalid data from ABS) was registered. They claim that Firestone aligned the truck incorrectly causing it to think it was always turning right. This caused the air compressor to continuously run and burn it up. I had the dealer do another alignment and it was out of alignment. Previously my truck would rarely be out of alignment, according to Firestone. Dealer writes this cause up in the work order so I can show Firestone, stating they caused the damage.

Spoke to Firestone today. They wanted to the see the work orders which I showed them and then called the Service Manager from my dealer who would have to get back to them. I was then contacted by the service manager from my dealer who said he had spoken to RAM and it was unlikely a faulty alignment would have caused the compressor to go bad. I then countered that if the problem was not caused by an alignment, there was a chance the errors would come back on shortly after they were cleared. The service manager told me to drive it for a few days and let him know if the errors come back on before proceeding. Currently no errors are registering in the truck.

Does a faulty alignment sound reasonable to cause this? Thanks for your input!

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I wonder if the Firestone dealer knew it was an air suspension vehicle and followed the proper procedures to align it. My old Ecodiesel is gone now, but I believe their is a special alignment mode you need to put the air suspension in when doing an alignment. I am not sure what they could cause with a poor alignment and any other ancillary damage if they were careless. If you did not hear the compressor running a lot it is unlikely the alignment was the problem. Could just be coincidental. It would be hard not to notice the compressor running all the time. You should also have noticed the steering wheel out of alignment if it was. Did you notice it?

How many miles do you have on your truck?

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You are absolutely correct. The vehicle is supposed to be in the "Normal" ride height position when the truck is aligned. One would think an alignment shop would know this but nothing is guaranteed i guess. That being said, if the truck was aligned in a different height setting it would only wear the tires uneven but would not cause the compressor to run continuously.
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