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I did a projector retrofit on my dad's 2015 Ecodiesel and am running into some problems. I searched the forum quite a bit and couldn't find an exact question like mine.

I'll sum up my issues and then explain the retrofit with some pictures. Any feedback for my issues are appreciated:

1. I don't own an Android product so I'd like to use the OBDlink MX+ to link to a PC for the AlfaOBD program.
2. Is the PC version of the Alfa program as easy to use as the Android version? Does anyone have a step-by-step for a 2015?
3. Would I still be able to link his iPhone via bluetooth after the Alfa programming so that he can run the Torque app and monitor his truck in real time?

Now for the retrofit...

I've run his HIDs with a Mopar harness (with the low beam resistors) for over 2 years in the factory projectors. His comment of "my high beams suck" made me want to get him better projectors.

I've done a few retrofits and usually prefer to buy an aftermarket set of lights (with a projector), check the bolt pattern, buy the proper projector, then bolt it directly into the old projector spot. I do this mainly to avoid having to rush my work - if I modify the factory lights and it takes forever, the car is essentially undriveable. So I used an adapter (see pictures below) to fit a Mini D2S 5.0 in the projector spot that originally had an Evo 2.0 bolt pattern. I can give links for these later if anyone is interested.

The only downside with the aftermarket lights is they didn't include the return signal for the Canbus to avoid the error message for the turn signals. I assumed going LED-to-LED (he has factory halogen projectors with LED turns) wouldn't cause a fast flash since LEDs will pull a similar load, as opposed to an incandescent bulb that will pull a higher load. Then I started reading about the 2015 Rams and got worried that I wasted my money... lol.

So to sum up, the Mini D2S 5.0 is an excellent projector in both high and low beam, plus the Morimoto Canbus harness does not throw an error for the low beams. The aftermarket headlights don't have as tight of a fit as factory but it's not all that noticeable unless you're looking for it specifically.

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