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Hey gang,

Our first shipment of Bluespark Tuning Pro plus Boost is in the mail. We are pleased to be a authorized US dealer for them and they have a great track record tuning overseas but have been selling quite well here with the Ram 1500 and Diesel Cherokee.

They will be priced at $430 but with the 10% discount it marks it down to $387 with free shipping Rollin Smoke Diesel. EcoDiesel Ram 1500 Bluespark Pro + Boost Control Tuning

This is a plug and play unit, with photographic instructions provided for installation and adjustment. Installation on the majority of cars is a breeze and can be completed in minutes.

The unit is set from the factory at for a balance of additional torque, power and economy, with user adjustments available behind the rear panel should you need them.

Microprocessor based digital tuning module. We do not sell analogue resistor based devices.
Engine Specific Software. Our tuning modules come with software designed and set up specifically for your engine; we do not provide generic ‘one device fits all’ tunes as many other companies do.
Unique Boost Sense™ + Rev Sense™ features for maximum torque, clean emissions and DPF compatibility.
Boost Control™ for excellent torque & power and low EGTs
5 User Selectable Power Curves to suit your requirements, ranging from economy mode to all out performance.
Fine Tune Adjustment to provide the exact performance that you need or to optimize fuel economy.
Reprogrammable for future vehicles. No need to purchase multiple remaps or tuning modules, keep your Bluespark Pro and send it in for reprogramming should you change your vehicle to another diesel.
Weatherproof Aluminium Casing to keep dust and water out in an under bonnet environment
Boost & RPM Detection
Using our unique Boost Sense™ feature combined with Rev Sense™ RPM detection, fuelling accuracy is vastly improved over tuning boxes from other manufacturers.

This accuracy improvement allows our units to make the maximum torque possible whilst remaining 100% DPF (particulate filter) friendly.

No Smoke
Conventional tuning modules without Boost Sense™ cannot accurately transition between off-boost and on-boost fuelling. This causes black smoke (particulates) to be created when the turbocharger is not producing boost.

Most tuning boxes either allow this to happen, clogging your DPF or reduce the level of fuelling which in turn means that the engine will not make the optimum level of torque.

DPF Compatible
The Pro+Boost will provide your engine with the maximum level of torque whilst retaining clean emissions and therefore excellent DPF compatibility.

Excellent Engine Reliability
The Pro+Boost’s Boost Control™ will alter the amount of turbocharger pressure available to the engine to keep AFR’s (air to fuel ratios) relatively consistent. This allows clean combustion; excellent torque and low exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs).

Maintainign low EGTs is useful when running a high level of tune particularly for vehicles that are under heavy loads such as those used for towing. This prevents components from overheating and causing reliability issues
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