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All - I’ve seen a lot of people asking to try to post some condensed summary of the settlement details on the front page for convenience. I’ve gone ahead and edited my first post (original preserved below).

If there’s a better way I welcome an administrator’s assistance.

Settlement Graphic- credit Big_John:

Settlement Summary - credit Howie12:

here is a summary contained inthe settlement docs. THe original owner has up to 21 months after the settlement is approved to claim it. Seems to me claims timing will depend upon your current warranty status, factory or aftermarket, and future plans to keep the truck.

To claim compensation in the Class Action Settlement, Class Members must submit a complete
and valid claim by the applicable claims deadline.
Eligible Former Owners and Eligible Former Lessees must file a complete and valid Claim
within 90 days of the day that the Court enters the Final Approval Order (the “Effective
All other Class Members must submit a complete and valid Claim within 21 months of the
Effective Date.
1. The Class Member Learns About the Class Action Settlement. The Court-approved
Class Notice Program informs Class Members about the Class Action Settlement, including
the availability of the Approved Emissions Modification, the estimated amount of
compensation that they can expect to receive under the Class Action Settlement, and other
benefits available under the Class Action Settlement and FCA’s settlement with the United
1 If a Class Member becomes an Eligible Former Owner or Eligible Former Lessee because their
Eligible Vehicle is transferred to a third party after January 10, 2019 as a result of a total loss,
but before the AEM is performed, the deadline to submit a complete and valid claim is the later
of (1) 90 days from the Effective Date, or (2) 60 days after title is transferred (for Eligible
Former Owners) or 60 days after surrendering the leased vehicle under the terms of the lease (for
Eligible Former Lessees). In no event, however, will the deadline extend beyond 21 months
from the Effective Date.
- 1 -

Case 3:17-md-02777-EMC Document 487-4 Filed 01/10/19 Page 2 of 5
Information about the Class Action Settlement and Claims Program will be available through
the Settlement Website and Claims Portal (www.EcoDieselSettlement.com) and by phone
(1-833-280-4748). Starting on January 24, 2019, Class Members who wish to receive
general email updates about the Class Action Settlement may sign up through the Settlement
Website by providing the following information: (i) the Class Member’s name; (ii) contact
information, including email, mailing address, and phone number; and (iii) Vehicle
Identification Number (“VIN”).
2. The Class Member Files an Initial Claim. The Class Member will submit a Claim Form
and required documentation. Class Members will be notified when Claim Forms may be
submitted, but FCA will not be required to review any Claim Forms until the Claims Period
begins on the Effective Date.
As part of submitting a Claim, Class Members will provide required information and
documentation, including, but not limited to, a driver’s license or other government-issued
identification, the dates the Class Member owned or leased the Eligible Vehicle, sufficient
proof of current or former ownership or lease (as applicable), and the current vehicle
registration (if applicable). Additional information may be required to verify eligibility.
Class Members can submit an electronic Claim Form online through the Claims Portal, or a
paper Claim Form by mail to an address to be supplied by FCA. Class Members will receive
a Claim number after their online Claim has been submitted or their paper Claim has been
3. FCA Reviews the Claim. Once the Claim has been submitted and the Claims Program has
begun, FCA will review and verify the Class Member’s Claim Form and document package
for completeness and eligibility. FCA will confirm that the document package is complete,
or notify the Class Member that there is a deficiency with the document package and/or that
more information is needed. FCA will make Class Member Claim Forms and document
packages available to Class Counsel and the Claims Administrator upon request.
4. FCA Notifies Class Members of Eligibility. FCA will notify Class Members of their
eligibility or ineligibility within 10 business days after confirmation that the document
package is complete and extend offers to eligible Class Members. Class Members who
submit Claims through the Claims Portal will receive their offers through the Claims Portal.
Class Members who submit paper Claims will receive their offers by mail or, if they choose,
through the Claims Portal.
Eligible Owners who submit valid Claims during the initial 90 days after the Effective Date
will receive offers explaining that they are eligible for an initial payment of $2,460, and an
additional, later payment of $615 if no Eligible Former Owner or Eligible Former Lessee
makes a valid claim for compensation related to the same vehicle within 90 days of the
Effective Date. Eligible Owners receiving such offers may instead choose to receive a single
lump-sum payment after 90 days from the Effective Date, which will be $2,460 if an Eligible
Former Owner or Eligible Former Lessee has made a valid claim for the vehicle, or $3,075 if
no other Eligible Former Owner or Eligible Former Lessee has made a valid claim for the
- 2 -
Case 3:17-md-02777-EMC Document 487-4 Filed 01/10/19 Page 3 of 5
5. The Class Member Accepts Offer & Schedules Appointment. To accept an offer, the
Class Member will be required to submit a completed offer package, including a signed and
notarized Individual Release, as set forth in Section 9.7 of the Class Action Settlement. Class
Members who have submitted their completed offer package may then schedule an
appointment to receive an Approved Emissions Modification for their Eligible Vehicles at an
Authorized Dealer .
6. The Class Member Completes an Appointment & Receives Payment. The Class
Member’s Eligible Vehicle must be brought to an Authorized Dealer to receive the Approved
Emissions Modification, free of charge. In certain circumstances, if a Class Member lives in
a location without an accessible Authorized Dealer, another FCA service provider will offer
the Approved Emissions Modification. FCA will provide a loaner vehicle at no cost to the
Class Member for any Approved Emissions Modification that is scheduled to take longer
than three hours or that is not complete within three hours of the scheduled start of the
appointment. The Authorized Dealer (or FCA service provider) will then perform the
Approved Emissions Modification and will confirm to FCA that the Approved Emissions
Modification has been completed, which will trigger the Class Member Payment process.
The Class Member will then receive a payment or payments, as described in Exhibit 1 to the
Class Action Settlement.

My oringal post:

All - Quick Post just saw this article online tonight.

Looks like EPA + CARB will settle with FCA concerning ongoing ecodiesel emissions fight.

  • Financial Penalty Paid to EPA & CARB for Failure to Disclose
  • No Admittance of Wrongdoing or Intent to Deceive Emissions Requirements
  • Affected Owners to Receive Approximately $2,800.00 from civil lawsuit.
  • Expected approval finalized software refresh for 2014-2016 model year vehicles.


I wouldn't mind $2,800 if this works out to be the way its described. I love my ED and it'll go straight to GDE + my payment.

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Cool...2,800 will subsidize about 150,000 miles worth of fuel over petrol for a HEMI...puts me at 325,000k 3 years from now and a lot of extra money for booze in between...

NEVER considered this in my 'break even' equation...suppose I should be thankful every time I hit a bump and psychologically see a bearing rolling across the road out my rear-view mirror LmFao
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I wouldn't mind $2,800 if this works out to be the way its described. I love my ED and it'll go straight to GDE + my payment.
Yep, the ironic part is that many will find tunners to reverse the neutering effects of the reflash. In the long run there will be zero positive effect on the environment. The EPA has only accomplished raising the future cost of purchasing EDs. Provided the ED in America still has a future.

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Hi: All... What about us second owners in Canada? I won't spend any even if I hear "The cheque is in the mail"!!!
Dieseldragon North shore of Lake Erie.

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Dang it, I just sold mine last week. I'm betting this won't apply to previous owners because it's probably intended to serve as incentive to have the vehicle brought in for a flash.

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...intended to serve as incentive to have the vehicle brought in for a flash.
It's been 5 years. Maybe they've come up with a flash that makes EPA happy and isn't any worse, perhaps better, for our trucks than the original tune. I imagine that it would be the same tune as the 2017+'s and I don't hear them crying that their trucks are gutless or failing at higher numbers.

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It's a rumour ...... yet again ...... distributed via an online rag. Wait for the real thing .... which should be an announcement by FCA in conjunction with the EPA. Until then it's just more .... endlessly more ... speculation.

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The rich give money to the getting rich. The lawyers win. On both sides. They are currently chuckling to themselves (and perhaps each other) over it all. (and the average person)

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Dang it, I just sold mine last week. I'm betting this won't apply to previous owners because it's probably intended to serve as incentive to have the vehicle brought in for a flash.
I would think it would be similar to the VW settlement. Previous owners would have a limited amount of time to come forward to claim up to half of the settlement amount, but that only applied to previous owners that sold after the alligations were made public in late 2016.

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I am not happy about this. This does not seem to fall in line with the VW settlement.
Why did you think that it would. VW was a totally different scenario. They actually changed the emissions programming when the car was being inspected to make it pass.

This was more of a pissing contest with the Gestapo of the automotive world. They said that the FCA didn't cross their t's and dot their I's and the FCA said they did, Bla, Bla, Bla.....

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I agree, I am not happy with it either
This is funny... Just sell the truck then and stop whining. Jeez. Ur potentially getting 2800 that you didn't have before. Wah wah.

No one forced you to buy this truck. You drove it, liked the product and got better fuel economy than anything else out there... All while emitting less C02. That should make you happy.

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Heck I think us owners should PAY to keep our Ecodiesels. We have enjoyed the savings and performance of these vehicles for a long time. We need to PAY for the environmental damage we caused during our ownership and operation.

Now first I want to see what this environmental damage is. Did notice an oil stain on my driveway where a pan of engine oil spilled. Horrible environmental damage there. Wait for the EPA announcement forecast for today and get ready to write your check to the EPA.

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Straight from the EPA site.
"These settlements resolve allegations that Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by the sale of approximately 590,000 model year 2009 to 2016 diesel motor vehicles equipped with “defeat devices" in the form of computer software designed to cheat on federal emissions tests."

"a civil complaint in federal court in Detroit, Michigan, against FCA US LLC, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., V.M. Motori S.p.A., and V.M. North America, Inc. (collectively referred to as FCA). The complaint alleges that nearly 104,000 light duty diesel vehicles containing 3.0 liter EcoDiesel engines are equipped with software functions that were not disclosed to regulators during the certification application process, and that the vehicles contain defeat devices."

Both company's willing miss lead the government and the consumer.
Both company's have communications knowing the broke the law.

Yes, I agree Volkswagen did it for much longer and many more vehicles. I agree they should get a much larger fine from the government.
But from my understanding FCA did it more to improve driveablity, durability and fuel mileage.
While Volkswagen never had those issues, just did it to pass emissions.
I think that is why we see such a fine line on the overall durability of the engine.
Adding the defeat devices made the engine market acceptable.
I believe that GDE tune is proof of this concept.

For me, they cheated to get the engine to work, to sell more trucks. Which they did, miss leading the consumer.
They did that at not only my cost (overall engine durability, higher and misleading labeling) but also overall greenhouse gas emissions.
To me, I do not see much of a difference between VW and FCA.

If I recall the average payment for a consumer was 5K, on a 30-40K car, with the ability to buy it back.
We will get 2.8K on a 50K truck with no buy back ability.

Sounds like FCA is getting rewarded for cheating.
How is this a level playing ground for Ford? GM?
Is it OK for them to do the same?

I look at this like Al Capone,
He was able to get away with so much, but they finally were able to pull him off the street with taxes.
So the government is using the EPA to create a level playing field that is best for the consumer and the environment.

Part of my decision to purchase of the truck was to reduce my GHG emissions, I know that is not a popular opinion on here, but it was part of my decision.
If I had known this before I bought the truck, I would not have bought it, much less paid for it.
If it turns out that I will only get a check for 2.8K and no buy back choice, I will remove myself from the class action suit and go independent.
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