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off topic but that is true blue metallic, not a common color, same color as mine and
anyway, in my opinion if you're less than the axle ratings you're fine. i also have factory air and have spent DAYS trying figure it out, and I have. when you setup the weight distribution hitch, make sure you maintain the front and rear wheel to wheel well gaps which maintains the trucks rake (stance) with the nose pitched slightly down. there is about 1/2" of leeway on that but try to stay with the rear only drooping 3/8" compared to the front. also you're weights will be spot on with the scales if you do that. just be careful to keep the rear slightly heavier.

if after you take the air out of jack mode, and the back of the truck "airs up" unhook the whole damn thing, drive around over 20mph, come back and try again. when the air "airs up the rear" it LITERALLY UNLOADS THE BARS AND YOU'RE MAKING A DEATH TRAP. It's a big pain in the ass but if you get it right, it's a dream ride. there can be a weird pitchfore-aft rolling sensation with concrete expansion joint harmonics but just adjust your speed on the speedo until it goes away. i had different speeds that fixed it on the same road depending on the exact lenght of the trailer, not so much the weight. it's because of the air suspensions delayed/slow response and the fulcrum on the ball isn't always the same trailer to trailer (we rent).
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