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Gearjammers slip shows why his 30 foot trailer from Florida to Maine was a stable tow setup. Steer axle weight replaced. He would need to post his unloaded slip to calculate his tongue weight percentage. The 4th gen 1500 had a max combined weight rating (truck & trailer) of 15,950 which he was well below. I have slips where I did a CVW of 15,800 which was set up to be stable with no issues. Seen Bounty Hunter post them over 16k.

Cody doing math on guestimates is still a guestimate. Payload stickers despite leading by the blind are not very useful for determining what you can or cannot tow legally and more importantly with or without safety & stability for your family. I will link another thread where I tried to lay it out as simply and concisely as possible for setting up a safe stable tow setup.
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