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My wife and I plan on purchasing a tt next month our top of the list is one of the 2015 Rockwood Roo 21ss we have found. I drive and will be towing with a 2015 Ram 1500 ecodiesel Laramie with air suspension cooper discover rugged trek tires 3.92 gear ratio. Truck with half tank of fuel wife, daughter, dogs, crates, hitch and myself weighs 6500. GVWR is 6950 and based off of dry weight and dry hitch weight of 615 equals to 13 % so loaded if I'm doing the math right is 800 hitch weight will I run into problems with being 500 or so over on ccc? I'm well under total weight of combined truck and trailer and should be under gawr as well. Is there anything I need to upgrade on this truck to handle the weight? I will be using my wdh to get the numbers evened out on front and rear axles. Could I load some stuff in the back of the tt to get the % closer to 10 or 11%. Just want to have everything figured out before spending 15k on a tt and be able to enjoy it thanks for
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