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Our 2015 has 3.55 gears, but it does a pretty good job of towing our trailer which is a good 7,200 lbs. when loaded. The water and oil temperatures get really hot on the long steep grades, otherwise, I don't have any complaints. It tows the travel trailer nicely with a properly adjusted Weight Distribution Hitch.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) – Lbs.: 7500
Exterior Length (approx. w / hitch): 23’10”
Exterior Height (approx.): 11’4″
Exterior Width (approx.): 8’6″
Tire Size: ST205/75R15
Load Range: D
Fresh Water Capacity (w/water heater, approx. gal.): 50
Gray Water Tank (approx. gallons): 42
Black Water Tank (approx. gallons): 35
LPG Capacity (approx. lbs): 60

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