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Can I update a 2014 to a 2018 or newer radio plug & play? Looking to have Android auto

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Hey Everyone. I have a 2014 Tradesman. Did a bunch of upgrades 5 years ago to it. Did the Laramie heated & cooled seats (took some wiring from one of the guys on the site who makes the harness I needed). Upgraded to the large instrument cluster(which is plug & play). Upgraded my 3.5" screen with nav to the 8.4 screen. Other than needing the correct bezel to swap that. It was a simple plug & play. Only issue I have is it does not have Android Auto available. From what I understand that didn't come until 2018? I am wondering if anyone has uprgaded to that newer radio? If so was a plug & play deal?
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Infotainment has a kit for the swap:

Damn that is spendy. $1500-2000. I want it but not that bad. LOL
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