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Comments on my Catch Can Install; Error Code

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Don't laught too much.
I tried to make the hoses as short as possible. The inlet and outlet are on the wrong side so I improvised.
I added a charboy in thr can and outlet to catch more gunk. Maybe that was too restrictive?
Code popped up right away.
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Is this a Jeep (the pressure differential sensor looks a little different)?

Regardless, I've found that this sensor can be very fussy about any changes. I fixed a truck that had an engine fire, and replaced the makeup air hose section from the heater to the oil separator with a straight hose connected to the fitting with a hose clamp.

Within 20 miles of driving, I had a P04DB. No matter what I tried, I could not get it to go away. Finally, I replaced the whole makeup air hose assembly from the turbo inlet to the oil separator, cleared the code, and it never came back. I can only surmise that this acceptable range for this sensor is a very narrow bandwidth

I realize this doesn't help you solve your problem, but thought I would share my experience. I also note that when I had the GDE tune installed, I never got any codes, so I suspect that GDE may have adjusted the range for the sensor, or otherwise resolved the sensitivity.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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