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I have a 2015 eco diesel. it has 120k miles. My first issue starting at 110k miles. I was driving on the highway and my crank sensor broke off and the truck shut down. then the water pump was leaking, not sure if it was before or after the engine shut down. ever since the water pump got replaced, i smelled coolant. Being a mechanic and knowing how lazy some mechanics are i decided they did not wash off the engine. but after a week it was still there. Now the coolant tank is going low. I have not taken it back do to distrust to the mechanic. Now i have found the leak. its is coming from either the underside of the coolant line in the picture
or this piece
this piece also has a defect in the o-ring housing (not sure what to call it) it is between the blue lines
this is the flashlight shining through the o-ring housing exactly where the hole is not shining through the coolant passageway.

I need to know what to call the piece maybe a bypass tube ??? and is that defect / hole suppose to be there and should i just seal the hole up or do i need a new part??
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