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Chrysler Group dealers ordered more than 8,000 diesel-powered Ram 1500 pickups in the first weekend. If that figure sounds pretty robust to you, well, you'd be right. That figure represents nearly half of the 1500's normal monthly production. Included in those orders were more than 400 diesel-powered half-ton pickups that had already been sold to customers. According to Bob Hegbloom, director of the RAM brand, that's about five times the normal percentage of sold orders for a typical prelaunch vehicle. Mr Hegbloom says:

This just helps to solidify in our minds that we did the right thing with this truck. Our anticipation is that there's going to be some ongoing demand for this powertrain
We could not agree more with that statement Bob.

The percentage of initial diesel orders by dealers is about double or triple what brand executives had anticipated, and while demand is likely to taper off as dealers receive unsold inventory,pre-sold orders will be given production priority to keep customer wait times down. I just heard a giant sigh of relief from those who have got their orders in. If Ram brand head Reid Bigland is right with his estimates the EcoDiesel 1500 will be a huge hit for the manufacturer. Reid estimates that diesel versions will account for as many as 30 percent of RAM 1500 sales, and we here at RAM1500Diesel.com headquarters would certainly love to see them meet or exceed those numbers.

Via: AutoNews
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