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I'm getting an intermittent P24AE code as well. If I stick to my 25mi each way commute to work, everything is fine. We've recently got a commuter car and if I spend a couple of days driving around town, CEL will come on with p24AE code. I'm not sure that the frame rail connector is the culprit. I'm thinking the sensor is going bad. I never delete the code, a normal long commute or 2 will always clear the code on the next start up. I've also removed the sensor from the exhaust bung, it was clean with only SLIGHT discoloration. I guess I was secretly hoping that it would be gunked up and I could get after it with a wire brush, etc. Anyway, the sensor connector is way up on top, out of sight. I'm leaning towards buying a sensor and replacing in the near future. Can't see paying the dealer to do it. Seems they charge $270 for sensor and $250 for labor... Ugh

Hoping that maybe some answers pop up here.
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