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New member here and would sincerely appreciate any advice regarding my EcoDiesel nightmare.

I have a 2014 Ecodiesel with 84k miles that I purchased as a certified preowned from a Ram dealer with 7609 miles on it in 2016. The truck has the FCA extended warranty per the AEM settlement , a separate extended warranty we paid additional for at time of purchase as well as the 100k certified powertrain preowned warranty. It’s been in and out of the shop numerous times since the AEM work was done last August , as well as since purchasing, with CEL and failed emissions testing issues. Brought it back to the dealer 45 days ago and they couldn’t get the CEL off and then claimed I have contaminated fuel, gave me a quote for $12k to rebuild the entire fuel system and advised me to contact my insurance company. When we went to bring the truck home for a second opinion, it stalled and has not run since. It was running normal when we brought it in (actually never stalled since owning) and we tested the fuel (on video) prior to bringing it back to the dealer and it came back clean. When we showed the results to the dealer they kicked us out and said they didn't wish to repair. When we asked for their test results they said it was visual only. When we contacted FCA they told us it’s not covered under warranty and suggested I take legal action against the dealer. When I asked why it wasn't covered under warranty they couldn't answer then said they would have the warranty department explain it to me, then I was transferred yet to another automated message regarding purchasing a warranty. Complete joke and lack of customer support.

Out of options, I contacted our insurance company and filed a claim for contaminated fuel and provided them with the dealers invoice which says "contaminated fuel" written in capital letters on it along with the breakdown of repairs needed. They initially agreed to cover and even approved after their adjuster looked at it but they then hesitated, contacted us with more questions and even asked for a recorded statement which we gave as well as receipts for all fuel purchases since the new year.

Now I’m back with FCA and have been going in circles dealing with them with never ending calls on hold and incompetent reps. Seems everyone is trying to wash their hands and I’m left holding the bag. I've never seen such horrible product support in my life and I now realize that need legal help to resolve.

I purchased a copy of the CarFax report for the truck yesterday and was shocked to see that it failed to pass emissions testing at least 8 times since new. It apparently even failed emissions twice the day before we picked it up and they had to reprogram the computer. It also failed emissions 3 times after being reprogrammed by FCA last August and required yet another computer reprogram and was in the shop for 28 days.

The AEM lawyers seem to just take a lot of info but never follow-up and even claim that we need to prove its a AE issue for them to start the buyback process. They also said since the pandemic they are having a hard time enforcing the terms of the settlement with the DOJ being closed? I'm still trying to figure that one out and have lost all faith in them.

I’m trying to find attorneys that specialize in this process but have had no luck and would sincerely appreciate any info regarding lawyers and/or the buyback process. I'm really out of options and have no use of the truck since early May.

Any help or suggestions sincerely appreciated.
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