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What is this good for?

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First , it is good for the 2014 to 2016 trucks , the 2017 and newer have different software
and the Edge monitors don't display much info for those newer trucks .

for 2014 to 2016 , one f the few usages is ; you see soot % in DPF , compared to the Torque pro app ,
it will still show soot % even after an aborted regen on restart , the Torque app show 100% soot
after an aborted regen until another regen is completed .
the Edge monitor gives you the ability to tell the truck to go into regen even
if you have not reached the soot % necessary to trigger the regen .( called forced regen )
click diagnostics on edge screen , then mobile regen , follow instructions on edge screen .
Ex : practical when you are at 63 % and you know your next few days of usage will only be short runs ,
then you do the regen when you want it , and don't care about the short runs , the short runs are
not long enough to get you to the needed temp to trigger the regen , so when cold , and producing
more soot , you could go quickly from 66% to 80% , and the message on dash to do something because
your DPF reached 80% , and next message at 90% .
all these numbers apply to the stock tune of course ...
you can see codes when the check engine lights pops up , erase codes .etc ......
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