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Elevated Oil Temps when towing - potential solutions

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Hey all:

I live in the middle of a mountainous terrain of Western Canada, so we pretty much always deal with climbing steep terrain and mountain passes when camping with our travel trailer. I’ve been searching through the forums and getting lots of great info to help manage elevated oil temps when towing.

My current set-up:

2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT, GDE Engine & Transmission Tune, 3.55 gears, Timbergrove ASAM, upgraded 275/65/20 rims/tires (17” original factory stock – I know the larger rims/tires are detrimental for towing, but appearance matters too…)

Travel Trailer:

2020 Springdale 220BHWE; 4,900 lb dry, ~6,600 lb loaded

I have snipped the stats on one of the larger mountain passes we travel below—I will hit the derate message for oil temps (130 C) during the ascent, and I currently follow @VernDiesel advice of keeping <3,000 RPMs and the speed ends up in the 60-70 kmh range.

Slope Rectangle Plot Font Magenta

Looking for some additional input/feedback on potential improvements with helping keep the oil temperatures down. Here is what I am thinking and have gleaned from other forum members (@Bounty Hunter, @Brokedownbutgood - always appreciate your contributions to the forum)

Any additional thoughts, feedback, and suggestions would be appreciated.
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I run the same grille as @r3gill and am happy with it.

If I wasn't so happy with my large oil cooler, I'd probably relocate the intercooler to the vast open space behind the front bumper. The stock intercooler location definitely heat-soaks the radiator and remaining cooling stack.
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I have a solution and you won't like it.

Ram 2500 with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel. You will never have another overheating problem with that trailer.
I've seen more 3/4t and 1t trucks on the shoulders of mountain passes than halfers.
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As soon as my AEM warranty expires, I will also be switching to the GDE thermostat. I'm also running a 12-quart system with the AFE oil pan. I'm about to install the Amsoil Dominator Coolant Booster which is supposed to lower coolant temps. I've had my truck derate twice with the Big Horn grille. Since then, I switched to the honeycomb grille. Honestly, I think the GDE thermostat will solves most of my problems.
I've never seen coolant temps be an issue, and the oem oil cooler has limitations on how quickly it can transfer heat.
Ive tried multiple setups over the years including external oil coolers. For me the best setup so far is a free flowing grill with a lower temp thermostat and large aluminum radiator. The external oil coolers work well but add potenial leak points and can make it hard to warm up without added thermostat.
What was the largest oil cooler you used?

130,000+ miles on my oil cooler setup and it's been great. 30' toy hauler averages #8k
Exact same cooler you have now just from a different source. Mounted mine behind the bumper and cut an opening in the bumper for air flow. It cooled great but warmed up slow and I hated the hoses.
I've had no hose issues, and warms up great with the oil thermostat. Wouldn't run one without the stat.
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