I'm going to start unloading extra stuff that I have. I am happy to entertain offers, package deals and trades. PM or text/call 415.741.0411

All parts are used but in good working order (just a little dirty in some cases). I am willing to powerwash parts if desired for a couple bucks extra. Prices do not include shipping, but I will ship per shipping calculator estimates.

1) 68242721AA Dipstick Tube- $15
2) 68247778AA Right Ex Manifold- $45 ea (I have 3)
3) 68245730AB Left Ex Manifold- $55 ea (I have 3)
4) 68211307AA CP4 Cover- $50
5) Brake booster adapter with boot- $15
6) 68229587AB AC Comp Bracket- $20 ea (I have 2)
7) 52108818AA Flexplate Assy (includes Flex plate, adapter and counter-balancer)- $50
8) 68147547AA Windage Tray- $20
9) 68155792AA Turbo Outlet Elbow- $40
10) 68229383AA, 68242020AA Heat Shields- $5 ea
11) 68147512AB Lower Timing Covers- $50 ea (I have 2)
12) 68027557AA Head Bolts- $10/all
13) 56029696AA Alternator- $75