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Engine Scheduled Maintenance, Miles vs Hour Meter?

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Just bought a 2015 with 95K and have been drinkin' from a fire hose on all the information available. I'm a aircraft mechanic and with aircraft the maintenance is scheduled by hours, cycles or calendar time. There can also be other usage factors that drive scheduled component changes or inspections but its never done by miles flown. The ED engine seems like it could be more particular when it comes to scheduled maintenance kinda like a turbine engine. With that said I have a few questions:
1) Is anyone doing oil & filter changes by the hour meter? If so what interval in hours are you using?

2) Has anyone figured out the algorithm for the "oil life" indication? Is it just miles based or does it take other things into account like idle time?

3) Any suggestions on a different fuel filter interval or do folks stick with every 30K miles?

Thanks for your time.
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Ya know I never ever heard of anyone doing oil changes based on the hour meter. That reads like a hint there might be lots of idling time. That can be a problem if the vehicle is stock with stock emission equipment. Hope you are not doing that.

Enjoy the truck. Follow the maintenance schedule as recommended. Now ride.
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